Whoopsie Daisy

Oh dear, I went and did it again.

I completely forgot to set aside time to sit down and write. So here we are – 2 and 1/2 weeks later…. again.

Hey, stop shaking your heads and grumbling at me like that! I can hear it through my computer screen. I promise I have a good reason for disappearing.


Okay yes, I did watch the special, but that’s not the only reason I-


I might have done some of that too, but that’s besides the-




Shut up, blog! Who asked you anyways!?

Joking aside though, quite a lot happened to me in the past few weeks. So things in my life have been kinda chaotic which hasn’t left me time to write. Like seriously, every area of my life is spiraling. My family, my job, my schooling, my future.

Sometimes I wish life had a pause button, just so you could have a little breather. ¬†But alas, we have no such luxury and you just have to keep chugging along. Or cling onto your raft while you’re tossed around rapids. Tomato, tomatoe~

I’m going to be making it up for all of you though! Later tonight I’ll be writing a more serious post and then a light-hearted one. Just for my loyal and fabulous readers! You guys deserve it after sticking with me even when I go M.I.A. every once in a while.

I’ll be talking to you all later!


About diaday

I'm a young woman making my way through life one adventure at a time.
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