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Weekday Blues

Hello again and welcome to a new week, readers! Hope everyone enjoyed their short time off, whether it’s from school or work or both. Let me tell you, Mondays are the bane of my existence. Whoever created them should be … Continue reading

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Whoopsie Daisy

Oh dear, I went and did it again. I completely forgot to set aside time to sit down and write. So here we are – 2 and 1/2 weeks later…. again. Hey, stop shaking your heads and grumbling at me … Continue reading

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All By Myself

You know you’re an introvert when your family almost breaks down your door because you’ve been in your room so long they think you’re dead. Whoops.

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Day 7: Tumble All the Way.

Day 7: Your favorite Tumblrs If there is one site that I spend far too much time on, it’s Tumblr. There are just so many blogs to follow and far too many pretty pictures to reblog. I’m fairly addicted to … Continue reading

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The Universal Language

Where words fail, music speaks.” ― Hans Christian Andersen Yesterday evening, I had a particularly interesting conversation with my sister. It came about when she heard what music I was listening to – a Korean group. This might not seem strange … Continue reading

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Your Daily Dose of Positive

In order to clean your palette of my other post’s dark themes, here’s a little treat. I always watch this video when I need a good laugh or want to smile.

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To pajama or not to pajama? That is the question.

Call me lazy, a couch potato, a hermit, or whatever you will, but I can’t help it – I fucking love my pajamas. If it was acceptable to go to work and school in them, I would never take them … Continue reading

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